Madison, WI


2018 & 2019

Cherry Conference Table

In 2018, Resonant Capital Advisors engaged FarmStrong Design to create a conference room table for their new office in Madison, WI.  Knowing that the conference table would be an important focal point of the new office, we were excited to design a beautiful, statement table that would become part of Resonant's story and legacy.  In collaboration with a local Wisconsin woodworker (with family ties to Resonant!) and an Iowa steel artisan, we designed a 10' long, live edge cherry table with steel legs in the shape of Resonant's logo. From the nearly 3" thick cherry to the custom fabricated steel logo legs, we were happy to source all of the materials from companies in the Midwest. To make the table tech-friendly, we placed a steel island in the center of the table with custom cut outs for outlet boxes and carriages underneath the table to hide the wiring.  All of the finishes on the wood and the steel were custom and catered to meet the Resonant team's specifications. 

Walnut Conference Table 

In addition to the statement conference table, Resonant also asked us to design an 8' long communal meeting table. Considering that the communal table would be situated in a beautiful room with floor to ceiling glass windows and a lake view, we decided to design a table that was bar height to best maximize the view and sunlight. In an effort to match the room's modern yet warm aesthetic, we decided to use a mixture of steel and walnut in our design. The table top was crafted using live edge walnut (that a local Wisconsin woodworker sourced from a trash bin!) and a brushed steel stripe down the middle. The table legs were custom fabricated in the Midwest and were finished using a matte clear powder coat. To make the table even more unique to Resonant, we also laser cut Resonant's logo out of steel on the sides of the table. 

Glass Coffee Table 

As a complement to the bar height communal table, we also designed a small round coffee table. To keep the space feeling modern and airy, we used a combination of brushed steel legs and a round glass table top. Both the steel and glass were sourced locally in the Midwest.

Buffet Table 

After enjoying the other pieces we had designed and built for them, Resonant subsequently asked us to create a new 9' long buffet table for them.  In keeping with the communal table, we designed the buffet table to be bar height, with a live edge walnut table top and steel legs which complemented both the communal table and the coffee table in terms of design and finishes. As the buffet table would be situated against the window, we designed the table to have three straight edges, with one live edge in the front to add depth and texture. As with the previous tables we designed for Resonant, the buffet table was crafted using local artisans.

We are thrilled with the final outcome of our collaboration with Resonant Capital Advisors and are excited for them to enjoy the tables we crafted for years to come!


33 East Main Street, Suite 440

Madison, WI 53703



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