Northern Wisconsin Cabin


The Northwoods, WI



We were so excited when a Madison client asked us to design a large coffee table for their family's lake cabin in Northern Wisconsin. Our client requested a custom all wood table that would serve as the focal point of the cabin's living room, where the family spent a lot of time together.  To best fit the shape of the room and the orientation of the existing furniture, we designed a 52" square table.  For this project, we partnered with a talented woodworker in Northern Wisconsin and sourced all of the wood locally.  We opted to use maple for the table due to its durability and to best match the existing wood colors in the cabin.  In order to maximize easy-to-access storage space for books, board games and the grandchildren's toys, we incorporated an open lower shelf into our design. For the legs of the coffee table, we used four thick posts that came up to sit flush with the top of the table top. We set the grain of the posts to be opposite of that of the rest of the table top to give a striking visual effect. To best showcase the beautiful color and character of the maple, we fumed it and then applied a clear matte finish. Since our client has young grandchildren, we made sure to round all of the edges of the table. At 52" wide, the maple coffee table makes a beautiful statement piece in the family's cabin, hopefully for many generations to come!


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