Madison, WI


2018, 2019, 2020

One of our favorite (and ever-ongoing) projects has been designing pieces for our own office space! In an effort to showcase our wide range of capabilities, we designed multiple pieces utilizing various materials and artisans.


We designed a 60" round walnut table to use as our communal desk. We collaborated with a local Madison woodworking team to create a beautiful round walnut table top. For the table legs, we partnered with an Iowa steel vendor to custom fabricate a modern looking steel base. To give the base a warm feel, we opted to finish the steel in a warm, brushed bronze color. We also decided to have the steel legs be rough cut, to add additional texture.


We also designed a storage unit, utilizing reclaimed filing cabinets and a walnut top. We locally sourced the previously used filing cabinets and then cleaned them and had them powder coated in a matte black finish. To keep the design sleek, we also powder coated all of the hardware in the same matte black color. We partnered with local Madison woodworkers to create a walnut top, as well as three floating shelves above the storage unit.  For the floating shelves, we decided to use a different wood species for each shelf, in order to showcase a few of the wood species that we offer to clients!


Other pieces we created for our office space include: a gallery wall showcasing our custom photos printed onto steel and wood frames; stools made utilizing reclaimed cream canisters; an industrial style coffee table constructed using pipes, barnwood and glass; a rolling coffee cart constructed using reclaimed barnwood and steel; and an end table constructed using a reclaimed auger and steel.

In Spring 2020, we added a new side table to our office. Custom fabricated in the Midwest, the side table is 100% steel and features three “floating” hexagons for the table top. While we originally designed this table in Fall 2019 and intended to finish it with a darker color, the grey Wisconsin winter inspired us to go with a bright white. We are thrilled with how the piece turned out and think it adds a clean, bright “pop” to our space.


33 East Main Street, Suite 440

Madison, WI 53703



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