Ruthven, IA


2017 & 2019

The project that started it all!  FarmStrong Design owes its humble beginnings to a collaboration between Sarah and her father, Jay.  Jay was building a new shop and office space at his family farm in Iowa.  He was looking to create a rustic, industrial vibe in his office space and wanted the furniture and décor to “tell a story”. To best do so, Jay and Sarah decided to design and manufacture furniture that utilized reclaimed barnwood and other agricultural relics from the family’s farm.  With no direct experience in furniture fabrication, they turned to local craftsmen and women that could help bring their designs to life. From lights made from reclaimed dairy strainers to a bench made from a reclaimed cattle trough to tables made from reclaimed barnwood and disc blades, every piece they created paid homage to the family’s farming legacy.


One notable piece they designed was a conference room table that utilized four semi-truck landing gears for legs. Like truck jacks, the legs could be raised or lowered, allowing you to adjust the height of the conference room table. To maximize the industrial look of the piece, they paired the legs with a thick steel table top. The conference table serves as the focal point of Jay’s office.


Another striking piece they designed is the large custom sign placed outside of the office. Constructed using reclaimed barnwood posts and steel, the sign features a large laser cut out of the farm’s logo on each side.  To give the sign a dramatic effect, Jay finished the barnwood in a dark black color, utilizing recycled oil to stain it. For the steel logo, they partnered with a local steel artisan in Iowa to laser cut the logo and powder coat the steel in a bright white. To hang the logo onto the barnwood posts, Jay utilized reclaimed chains and custom hardware with a rustic finish. The sign makes a “welcome” statement to the front of the farm’s office!


33 East Main Street, Suite 440

Madison, WI 53703



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