Madison, WI



We were honored and excited to be engaged by Short Stack Eatery to design and build seven new tables for their restaurant on State Street in Madison. Not only are their breakfasts legendary, but they are also owned and operated by a pair of awesome women entrepreneurs. A dream collaboration!


Short Stack was looking for seven new tables, six matching smaller tables and one larger communal table. They wanted the tables to complement the existing space and furniture (including their beautiful new floors), but also wanted them to add some branding elements to the space. They needed the tables to be sturdy, yet light enough that they could be easily moved around for cleaning and to combine tables together.


After several brainstorming sessions together, we finalized a design that achieved each of those things. For the table bases, our design incorporated a pedestal base comprised of staggered wooden blocks with the letters “SSE” routed out on each side, as an ode to the company’s logo. To add stability to the pedestal base, we incorporated a custom steel footpad, with leveling feet and sliders to make the tables easier to move around. For the table tops, we used simple, wooden planks to craft the top and wrapped the top in a steel border, with laser cut outs of the company’s slogans – “Who doesn’t <3 breakfast?” and “Totally worth it!”. The tables were finished off by Short Stack, which added their signature touch to the table tops – personal memorabilia and post cards under a sheet of glass!


To craft these creative tables, we partnered with a local woodworking artisan in Madison and a Midwest steel vendor. All of the finishes, from the brushed look of the steel to painting the heart in the slogan cutouts red, were meticulous and custom. Thank you to our artisan partners and Short Stack Eatery for this amazing project!


33 East Main Street, Suite 440

Madison, WI 53703



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