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Madison, WI



In early 2020, we partnered with interior designer Alexis G. Blake, to design and create five new pieces for a Madison client’s new “forever home” on Lake Mendota.


Home Office

We designed three complementary pieces for the client’s new home office, including a desk, filing cabinet storage unit and bookshelf. For each of these three pieces, we collaborated with a small, local woodworking team and a small Midwest steel vendor to bring them to life.


Serving as the centerpiece of the home office, we aimed to design a beautiful, sleek desk for our client. To accomplish this, we paired a matte-finish, black walnut top with slim, angular steel legs. To add character, we rough cut the edges on the steel legs and applied a brushed, matte finish. The walnut top for this piece was originally cut down from a property just a mile away on the exact same street on the shores of Lake Mendota. 


For the filing cabinet storage unit, we sourced six matching filings cabinets and finished them in matte black. We custom fabricated a steel frame to secure the filing cabinets together and to raise them off the ground. We completed the filing cabinet storage unit with a beautiful oak top.


For the book shelf, we custom designed a steel frame that enabled all of the shelves to be adjustable. To keep the steel frame sleek, we created modern, rectangular brackets for the shelves and powder coated the entire steel frame in a matte black. For the wood shelves, we crafted five beautiful oak shelves to match the top on the filing cabinet storage unit.


Jersey Display Case

In addition to the home office pieces above, we also designed and created a large, 94” long display case for our client to display their collection of hockey jerseys. To create the display case, we custom fabricated a steel frame that included an adjustable hanging rod for the jerseys and three, push-to-open glass & steel doors. We completed the display case with an oak top, matching the oak tops on the pieces in the home office.


Dart Board

We also designed a fun, custom dart board for our client. We crafted the dartboard locally from reclaimed church pews and a custom fabricated steel frame. We finished the steel frame in matte black and incorporated built-in dart holders into the side of the frame. To create the beautiful wood background, we partnered with a woodworker in Spring Green, Wisconsin.


Thank you to our awesome clients and Alexis G. Blake for letting us be a part of this beautiful project! And special thanks to our talented artisans for bringing everything to life.


33 East Main Street, Suite 440

Madison, WI 53703



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