Palm Springs Home


Palm Springs, California



When we heard one of our clients was building a new house in Palm Springs, California, we happily (and slightly enviously) agreed to help design and build a few new pieces to help furnish it!


Thinking of their Palm Springs house as a sunny, desert getaway, our client wanted their furniture to incorporate natural looking and feeling materials and to have a light, airy and warm aesthetic. Working room by room, the first two pieces we designed were a coffee table and an entry table for the great room.


Given the size and layout of the great room, we opted to design a large, 60” x 42” coffee table. For the base, we custom fabricated an arched steel base and applied a brushed finish. For the top, we partnered with a Wisconsin woodworker to craft a live edge maple top. To add character to the top, we interspersed walnut stripes between the maple slabs. We finished the wood top using a matte, all-natural finish with subtle grey undertones.


We also designed a 60” long complementary entry table. For the entry table base, we custom fabricated an arched steel base that played off the base of the coffee table. For the top, we crafted a thick maple top with one live edge and three straight edges so that the table would nicely sit against the entry wall. We matched the steel and wood finishes to those of the coffee table.


We continue to design additional pieces for this project and currently are working on a new dining table! Check back soon for additional details.


33 East Main Street, Suite 440

Madison, WI 53703



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